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Inna di Video Light

In  Inna di Video Light  you’re guided through the noisy world of dancehall by the Internet_Dollz; two It-Girl cyborgs. Meet the stars of the night, dancehall queens and kings during 100 long party nights in Kingston, intermixed with life online in a dreamlike hyper-reality. The club scene forms a stage for blasting feelings and physical discharge, which is intensified by the presence of the camera. This expression, which in other times might have been acted out through spiritual rituals, is now captured by the parallel universe of the virtual world, where its users reinterpret and transform it. The internet becomes an image of the globalized society’s collective subconscious, which holds everything from the most forbidden, amusing and raw to the most loving, well-polished and personal. Get captured inInna di Video Lights  world where there are no longer clear boundaries between the cinematic and the physical or the dreamed and the lived.

The work is a collaboration between the visual artist Anna Rokka and Rut Karin Zettergren, the videographer and music video producer Denis Brown, musicians and dancers like Dhq:s Twin Stars, Destiny Sparta, K-Queens, Internet_Dollz, Pinkey Britsh, Shelly Belly, Bermuda Squad, Joseph Wolf, Sanjay, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Chichingching, Swag Mumy, Lizard Hype, Jannet Harris, Tommy Lee sparta, Spice, Shantell, Dhq Kiss Kiss, Dhq Boom Boom, Dhq Momo, Shakespeare, Supa Hype, Lisa Mercedes, McGyva, Team Russian, Dhq Tiny, Laces and many more....





Exhibitions with Inna di Video Light 2017 -2018

At Sinne in Helsini, Finland- 27 januari- 4 mars 2018
At Titanik in Åbo, Finland - 03-26 november 2017
At Galleri 54 in Gothenbug , Sweden- 06 september -01 oktober 2017



Inna di Videolight website

Internet_dollz online home



Mäntän Kuvataideviikot 2014

A first edition of the video installation Inna di Video Light was exhibited at the art festival Mänttä Kuvantaideviikko in Finland during the summer of 2014. It was showed in a round room as a video installation with a two channeled 15 min video, loud sound and a floor covered with 2000CDs
Mäntän Kuvataideviikot 2014



Inna di Videolight 0.2. Urban Re:mix

Inna di Video Light 0.2 was created and exhibited within the postgraduate course Urban Re:mix at Royal Collage of Arts during 2014.